Seabed Mapping International are proven specialists in fine detail mapping and advanced bathymetric data analysis, delivering real-time 3D typographical mapping solutions anywhere in the world. Superior 3D mapping technology provides product-based and bespoke mapping solutions for a global portfolio of clients.

Seabed Mapping International combines field surveying experience and advanced data processing with a commitment to the utilisation and deployment of the most current technology for each project.  In-house capability has developed a range of operational software and processing enhancements and Seabed Mapping International are committed to innovation and the continued advancement of software and hardware capabilities to enhance mapping precision and to increase the range of survey products.

Initially developed in response to fishery sector interest in seabed mapping, the principals of Seabed Mapping International technology were first applied for a consortium of New Zealand fishing interests in 1994. This technology and the benefits proved so effective that further surveys were commissioned. Subsequently surveys in the coastal waters of Namibia, South Africa and in the Indian and Pacific Oceans were undertaken with technology continually evolving in response to project requirements.

Examination of swath mapping capabilities internationally has established that the superior image and swath-width capability of the Seabed Mapping International system, coupled with deployment flexibility, that can be quickly relocated globally and deployed from any suitable vessel of opportunity, make it the most ideally suited system for this type of survey application. Internationally, there is increasing demand for marine-related spatial and temporal information that is both integrated with vessel navigation systems and can significantly enhance the efficiency of operations.

Seabed Mapping International has a proven track record of successfully undertaking and completing technology development projects, with proven project management skills and an experienced and competent team. Strong links into the research community enable access to a significant pool of development capability and skills to augment in-house expertise. Furthermore, Seabed Mapping International has a successful track record in the commercialisation of new software and bundled technologies.




Seabed Mapping International has extensive and proven experience in providing 3D mapping solutions for clients.

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Swath Mapping

Our 3D mapping technology will display multi-beam swath data in 3 dimensions in real-time.

Swath MappingSee our swath mapping experience here


Piscatus 3DPiscatus 3D

Catch more fish, more efficiently, with advanced real-time 3D graphic mapping technology.


EcomapEcoMAP 3D

Advanced habitat mapping capabilities

Zonemap 3DZoneMap 3D

Exclusive Economic Zone mapping and security strategies for Coastal Nations.

Gtech MappinggTECH Mapping

Cost-effective seafloor detail for offshore petrochemical and mineral exploration.

Airnav 3DAirNav 3D

Enabling non-vision dependant flight navigation.


Differentiating features of SMI technology

Bathymetry Now is a real-time dynamic mapping engine that integrates the bathymetry database with GPS, echo sounding and other data including swath. As mapping occurs, new information is filtered, groomed, fitted and contoured, updating and refining the map to create uniquely detailed 3-dimensional views in real time.

Global Bathymetry automatically filters erroneous data and predicts missing contours to ensure you are working with a continuous environment.

Hardness and Roughness changes in typography can be mapped to view accurate ground discrimination in 3D showing areas of mud, sand, rock, weed and many other classifications.

Superior Visual Interface creates unique viewing angles and high quality rendering in 3-dimensions.

Realview offers multiple camera views to visualise what you want to see, the way you want to see it. 

Datasafe uses encrypted data security to protect valuable mapping data. A component of datasafe also allows you to back-up, merge and share data.


Seabed Mapping International provides on contract, the technology and expertise to undertake swath mapping surveys in maritime areas that include:

  • All phases of planning and implementation (including detailed quotation and specification)
  • Complete project management
  • The establishment of joint-ventures, if required
  • Vessel selection, deployment and mobilization
  • All facets of at-sea surveying
  • Provision and operation of differential global positioning system (GPS), if required
  • Swath data processing, image enhancement and interpretation
  • Geological/geophysical interpretation
  • Training of nationals and transfer of expertise and capability, if required